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Welcome to the Alef Edge Platform

Alef provides a Private Mobile connectivity platform that empowers enterprises to unlock the power of mobile edge networking by rapidly launching their own private mobile networks.

Our industry first approach brings enterprise ready integration to private mobile networking, enabling you to manage mobile endpoint network access with your existing IPAM and IAM.

Seamless inter-AP handover and the ability to choose where your mobile traffic is presented gives your mobile devices an enhanced connectivity experience, which is achieved without the overhead of managing your own mobile core. This gives you unparalleled flexibility and control over your mobile applications as they will experience reliable and predictable low latency end to end connectivity through your own network infrastructure.

We intend to help jumpstart the adoption of 5G technologies and edge computing by providing enterprises with a simple, DIY approach to launching and managing their own private mobile networks.

Our API first approach will accelerate your adoption of real-time mobile edge based business workflows.

Alef simplifies the complexity of setting up and managing a mobile infrastructure by offering a suite of Enterprise Mobile Connectivity APIs that allow for more control and security with less overhead, while operating at a fraction of the cost of legacy mobile network vendors and providers, and without the need for complex installations.

So let’s get started with setting up your private edge mobile connectivity with Alef.