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This section contains links to our API Specifications and is aimed at users who have already gone through our Quickstart Guide but want to dig deeper. If you are new to using the Alef APIs, please refer back to Set up your first Alef Connect mobile network in the Quickstart Guide.

The API environments

There are currently 3 API environments:

  • Production You will use this when you go live with your Alef Edge Platform.
  • Sandbox This is where you can try out our APIs. To get access to the Sandbox environment, just go to, click REQUEST A DEMO, and fill out the form.
  • PoC This will become available to customers in the near future. It will consist of a fully functioning test environment.

Network Setup API

  • When using the Production environment to place an order, there will be a 10 minute window where you can change your order details, during which time the order will be in RECEIVED state. Once the 10 minutes elapses, the order state will change to PROCESSING, and any further attempt to change to your order using the API will fail with a valid order not found message.
  • When using the Sandbox environment, the behavior will be similar, but the window where you can change your order details will only be 1 minute.

Use this API to

Account Management API

Use this API to:

SIM Management API

Use this API to:

Reporting API