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Use Cases

Alef enables secure and extended RF coverage for the entire enterprise premises. Some of the use cases that can benefit with the implementation of Alef’s edge platform APIs include the following:


  • Control and support robots and forklifts by enabling reliable access to managed spectrum and establishing an overall mobility coverage
  • Handheld scanners have mobile connectivity anywhere within the warehouse


  • Segmentation for life saving equipment / provide tiered service for guaranteed throughput
  • Secure data end-to-end using their current firewalls/systems


  • Enables carrier-class security in the network with end-to-end encryption of all transactions & data
  • Supports logical separation of sensitive transactions


  • Cost savings over traditional service providers
  • Improved performance for latency-sensitive applications

Building Management

  • Allow multiple application needs for mobile data users and IoT requirements
  • Simple to deploy 5G system for facility management & maintenance.


  • Provides control and security over data needs on the factory floor
  • Managed spectrum is dedicated to machines and robots
  • Secure sensitive data from intrusions and monitoring
  • Data and sensors can be used to create a “digital twin” of mission critical IIoT, allowing for real time troubleshooting as well as preventative maintenance

Public Utilities (Water, Gas Electricity, Communications)

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring (Water pressure & Valve Sensing, Gas detection monitoring)
  • Oxygen / Ph level monitoring
  • Reduce service trips
  • Immediately identify power failures
  • Data and analytics can help operators utilize preventive and predictive maintenance approaches