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What we do

By taking away the complexity of setting up and maintaining a mobile core, our set of simple APIs enable enterprises to experience the benefits of private mobile edge networking.

Before Alef, there were 2 ways enterprises could deal with mobile traffic:

1. Rely on the public mobile network
All user traffic needs to travel a significant distance out to the mobile provider core, before breaking out to be routed to enterprise resources or out to the internet.

2. Buy and maintain your own mobile infrastructure
To break out your mobile user traffic at or close to the enterprise resources, you would need to purchase and manage an expensive mobile core infrastructure.

Alef gives a 3rd option

We enable you to break out user traffic close to your resources without the need to run a mobile core of your own:

Fig 1: Alef Mobile Connect

Fig 1: Alef Mobile Connect

The Alef Connect solution, accessed via our suite of REST APIs, enables enterprises to experience the benefits of private edge mobile networking without the expense and time of building and maintaining a mobile core network. We do this by providing near prem Edge Points which enable breakout of mobile traffic close to enterprise resources, enabling low latency performance for mission critical applications, as well as more optimal routing to private cloud or branch office resources.