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Why do you need a private edge mobile network?

Real-time Mobility

Wi-Fi no longer meets many of today's connectivity requirements due to small coverage area and lack of dependable handoff between APs. A private mobile network has dedicated managed spectrum and uses 3GPP defined radio technology that easily covers an entire enterprise facility or campus with only a few radios. This means that your mobile devices have stable, continuous connectivity while freely moving around.

Deployment Simplicity

Working with legacy mobile networks is expensive and slow, requiring complex solutions and specialized knowledge and training. Alef's Private Mobile Network as a Service (PMNaaS) abstracts the complexities normally required for these kinds of networks allowing you to provision your private network faster.

Flexibility and Control

With an Alef private mobile network you can introduce policies that are as specific as necessary. Use your existing IAM to control access to your enterprise network and assign security group profiles, and use your existing IPAM to control endpoint IP address allocation. A private mobile network fits into existing IT systems, delivering the traffic into your enterprise network according to your current policies.

Cost and Scalability

Private mobile network technology provides a cost effective solution to your application connectivity requirements. The spectral efficiency of a mobile radio network is over double that of WiFi and can handle exponentially more data and mobile devices without diminishing network performance.

Privacy and Security

With your own private mobile network, your data remains behind your firewall and never touches public infrastructure. Each user device is connected to your network via SIM cards that allow the devices to connect only to the allocated spectrum of your private mobile network. This supports end-to-end encryption by isolating and segmenting traffic to different network segments. Simply integrate mobile network security with your existing enterprise networks quickly and easily.