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Setup summary

Firstly, you will acquire and install your mobile APs, ensuring they are communicating with their management services.

Once you have placed an order on the Alef cloud services API, Alef will send you:

  • The configuration details your mobile AP will need to communicate with the EPC, via the Alef Edge Point. For more information on this refer to the Edge Point - mobile AP Connectivity Options section.
  • If you do not need to specify the internal IP ranges for mobile device addressing, we will send these to you. If, however, you do wish to provide your own address ranges for your mobile devices you will need to request a dedicated APN. For more information, refer to the Do I need a dedicated APN? Section.
  • SIMs or eSIMS as ordered by you.

To enable mobile connectivity using Alef's PMNaaS, a private connection (IP/MPLS, IPSec VPN, dedicated fiber) between an Alef Edge Point and your network infrastructure is required. You will provide information about your current network infrastructure connectivity options so that Alef can provision private connectivity from our Edgepoint to your network to bring mobile devices traffic back into your network.

Once you have configured your mobile APs and installed the SIMs at your site, and the breakout network configuration is complete at the Alef Edge Point, your Alef Mobile Connect solution will be operational and your mobile devices will be able to connect to your private network.